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Why do large Businesses need to have PABX System?

Many people do not know what does the acronym PABX mean. This acronym stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It is a certain term for a telephone system. This is commonly used as an internal telephone system in businesses.


The Private Automatic Branch Exchange is also referred to as PBX by some other people. Most often than not, it has a number of internal lines that are connected to a single switchboard. The fact that there are a lot of mediums connected to the system is the reason why the word “branch” is associated to the term of the system.

The main switchboard and the mediums connected to it are the ones that make it possible to connect all aspects of the system within a certain business together. If you are trying to understand the Private Automatic Branch Exchange for the first time, then you might find it a little too difficult simply because it is a complex machine that can be used as fax machines, modems and telephones. This is what is usually used by businesses to let their employees communicate internally.

How Does PABX Work?


If you are getting to know what PABX is, it is also important for you to unveil how this system works. This is a modem that serves as the central control station of the system. It is known to be appointed to special codes for every phone number or every phone extension within the company.

This system can also be programmed so that you can assign an automated message to greet your callers before the call goes through to the appointed line. As already stated earlier, the system can also be used as a fax machine. You can program a certain line that goes through to the fax machine from the central control station to let it shine its fax functions. Of course, you can also program the machine so that it can go to a different fax machines at once.

The Development of PABX Machine

Just like any other tech products, this system is being improved continuously to achieve the best of all the best things for a business. As of now, it is currently being modernised so that they can be controlled by a computer system that lets you track all the outgoing and incoming calls in your business. The best thing about this system is that you have the choice to customise it.


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