Oct 16

When to Toss Your Make-Up Tools

Are you still using the same exact eyelash curler since, maybe middle school? Well, we hate to break it to you, but that make-up tool needs an upgrade.


Unfortunately, like your mascara and other beauty products, your make-up gadgets also collect dirt and bacteria over time. This isn’t only disgusting, but it could also hamper your tools from working their best. However, the good news is, you don’t necessarily need to buy new ones. Many of your tools only require a good scrub or replacement of some parts to be in tiptop condition again. Here’s how to breathe life into your old, trusty beauty tools.

1.       Make-Up Sponges

Wash them weekly or when needed (if not performing the same). Keep in mind that sponges are birthing ground for bacteria, so use mild detergent diluted in warm water when washing them. Squeeze the sponge into the solution until all of the makeup pigment comes out; air-dry it out in the open. Replace your sponges every three months—or sooner if you use them every day.

2.       Make-Up Brushes

Generally, make-up brushes should be washed at least once a month. However, brushes used for applying concealers and foundation must be cleansed more frequently as thick, liquid products tend to build up quicker. Swirl the brush in shampoo and hold it under running water until the water comes off clear. Good quality brushes can last forever, but if the hair starts shedding, expect a trip to Sephora soon.


3.       Eyelash Curler

That eyelash curler you’ve been holding on to since forever, you can restore it by replacing only the lash pads. This should be done every six months to keep the pads flexible enough to provide the best curls for the lashes. That’s not enough, though—you still have to give the tool a good clean every two weeks. Wipe it down with cotton soaked in baby oil to remove any mascara residue.

4.       Make-Up Bag

Any make-up bag should be cleansed twice a week. With a bunch of make-up products stocked in it and constant exposure to heat and darkness, your make-up bag can be an ideal environment for microbes. Empty your make-up bag and turn it inside out before washing or wiping it down with antiseptic wipes.

With proper care, your make-up tools can last a good amount of time. However, the quality of your beauty gadgets does matter, so make sure you’re buying only good-quality products in the first place.


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