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Understanding and Appreciating Your Partner Better

Okay, as a couple, you can’t help but experience ups and downs altogether. We all know the cycle, first of all it starts all magical and adventurous but later on little hiccups start to appear. These hiccups turn into bumps and later on turn into real heavy obstacles. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Each couple has their ups and downs.

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Compromise is the Key

If you ask old couples how they were able to survive, well, they learned how to live and compromise around each other. Isn’t that beautiful? Well, compromise isn’t really a beautiful word but then again, compromise is very important in any kind of relationship. Whether it be your relationship with your parents, friends, or even your partner. Compromise is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

Now, when a couple is experiencing their low point where they don’t even remember the reason they stay together, it’s easy to forget the things your partner has done for you. In fact, it’s easier to remember the things you have done for your partner rather than the sacrifices they’ve done for you. You may even be irritated by the little things like being 5 minutes late or maybe even forgetting to close the door.

Accepting Each Other’s Small Faults

These little things might tick you off. Now, let’s set aside the whole situation and go back to the beginning. What was the last thing you did that made you say to yourself “I’m really lucky to be with this person”? Hmmm. Think harder. Something’s sure to pop up. Have you thought of something yet?

Well, manifest on that feeling. Forget about everything else. Remember all the reasons you are still staying and compare them to worse situations that could have happened but didn’t. Feeling pretty thankful yet? Thankfulness is not something a lot of us share as when we’ve experienced the best, we usually aren’t contented when someone does something that doesn’t even come close to the best. Hey.

Good Intentions Matter a Lot

Remember that it’s not about how much they reach your expectation, it’s about how much effort they’ve put in trying. Each of us have different love languages and this usually makes it hard for us to measure the efforts of one another since we are reading their efforts through a different love language. Try to understand your partner through their love language instead of just yours.

The longer you and your partner get, the more you get to know your partner and the easier it will be to think through the perspective of your partner. It is very important to be able to think through the goggles of your partner if you want the relationship to work. Understand the ways they see things and you’ll see how much your partner has invested in you.

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