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Tips in Operating a Home Painting Business

Starting and operating a home painting business in Singapore can be difficult especially for the first-timers out there. It will require and demand a wide range of skills from you like having the skills for planning, hiring, promotion, budgeting, organization and the most important skill, painting. So here are some tips that can probably guide and help you in operating your house painting business.


1. Advertise the painting services that you’re offering by putting some flyers in your local area in Singapore. Aside from that, you can also place classified ads in local newspapers and on websites. You can also hand out some business cards to your neighbors or some acquaintances. Also, you can call building and remodeling contractors and realtors or join some local business organizations in your area.

Examine each of the potential painting jobs that would fit in with the kind of service that you offer and create an estimated bid for that job. Your bid should consider the cost of the supplies that will be needed for the job, the hourly rate that you would like to have, the number of workers that you might hire for the job and the number of hours that it will take for you to complete the painting job. After that, document your bid and submit it to your customer and inform the person as to when you can possibly start the job.

2. After getting the home painting job, list and buy all the materials that you will need for the job. The partial list of supplies that you will buy may include paint, brushes, and rollers, paint thinner, drop cloths, cleaning supplies and some painting stilts. Keep the receipt of all your purchased materials for tax purposes. This can also help you in improving your cost-estimating skills.

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3. Get all the help that you can get to complete the job. Hiring some independent contractors will also save you from the need to maintain some employee records and it will also be helpful in limiting your employee expenses to the as-needed-only basis. Hiring the right workers to do your job can also help you in improving the painting services of your company.

4. Finish your job in the designated time that you gave your customer. If ever you experience some delays or unanticipated expenses while doing the job, inform your customer about it immediately. Communicate the situation of your problem openly and honestly with your customer so that both of you can look for solutions together. Some customers can also be supportive even though you experience some work delays.

5. Keep a record of all the income and expenses that you got from each of your job. You can also hire a bookkeeper to help you in keeping track of all your financial records. Analyzing your expenses and income for each job that you get can help you in adjusting your estimates for your future painting jobs more accurately.

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Operating a house painting business in Singapore can really become difficult at times but if you’re already equipped with the skill and knowledge needed in this business, then things will become a lot easier for you.

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