May 11

The World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet

We spend hours every day on the road. We hope and pray that nothing will be amiss when we travel. When it comes to road safety, road users depend on safety precautions like seatbelt and helmet. Road safety is very important here in Singapore. Good thing many Singaporeans are disciplined enough to follow strict implementation of road safety and traffic rules.


Speaking of road safety, there is a new technology that utilizes the function of a helmet. When we use the road, it is crucial that we keep our eyes ahead and focus. However, we cannot keep our eyes ahead because sometimes, we need to check the rear or the gauge. It is during this time that things can possibly happen.

Good news for motorcycle users in Singapore, the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet will arrive soon. This helmet is called Skully AR-1 helmet. Creators of the Skully AR-1 helmet felt the need to assist road users. The helmet is digitally enhanced. Everything the rider needs are in the visor’s display. So, what are the features of Skully AR-1 helmet? Here are some:

  • Wide-angle camera: The wide-angle camera is perhaps the helmet’s most useful feature. The camera will be placed at the back of the helmet which can capture 180 degrees image of the road behind. This will also capture the blind spots. The display will float at the centre of the field but the display will be designed to stay clear no matter the displays or prompts.


  • Built-in GPS: There is also a built-in GPS which is connected to the rider’s smartphone through Bluetooth. If the rider wants to take a call, they can and if they want to play music, they can.

Though Skully is just a prototype, its potential is hard to miss. The company that wants to manufacture it already launched a campaign to raise funds. Actually, according to reports, the campaign is doing well. It now has a total of $1 million which is four times the initial goal. The manufacturers are giving the helmet as a perk but backers need to contribute a minimum amount of $1,399. The shipping will begin in May of next year.

There are people who are critical about the helmet. Will it protect the head in an event of a crash? The manufacturers promise that the helmet will provide the necessary protection. Apart from that, other people also think that the displays in the visor will distract the riders. No matter the scepticism, the manufacturer only wants to help.

Road safety should be prioritized for the sake of road users.


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