Apr 28

The Quieter Construction Fund

When you are living or working near a construction site, what bothers you the most? It is not the dust because you can just wear a mask. It is the noise that goes with it. The noise is unsettling that you cannot concentrate on what you do. That is understandable. This is the reason why Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) introduced the Quieter Construction Fund (QCF).


NEA announced the QCF on February 20, 2014. QCF is worth S$ 10 million. This will be used to give incentives to construction companies. NEA wants construction companies to reduce their noises by using quieter machineries and equipment when they do their thing. Singaporeans are happy of this.

If you want to know more about the QCF, you can refer to the following:


  • The Purpose: NEA seeks to help lessen the impact of noise construction. NEA acknowledges that there are increasing infrastructure developments around Singapore. There are other people who are complaining about the noise. NEA simply wants to reduce the noise by giving incentives.
  • Application: The good thing about QCF is that construction companies can apply for it. If you are interested, you should be advised that the application will begin on April 1, 2014 and it will end on March 31, 2016. You have plenty of time to file for it.
  • The Mechanics: QCF will recompense companies (of up to 50%) if they rent or purchase machines that are quieter. There is a maximum grant amounting S$ 100,000. The reimbursement can also be 5% of the project’s contract value.

This is definitely a good step. NEA is indeed trying its best to reduce the pollution regardless of the type. What’s next on their agenda? NEA should also think about the dust and the smoke the construction companies emit.


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