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The Quick Work-Out Plan: Start Your Day Healthy

Exercising and staying fit should be a priority of every person because it’s a known fact that our health is our greatest investment. However, since most of us are pretty busy with our lives, we barely have the luxury of time to go to the gym and burn some calories. In fact, a regional survey commissioned by AIA Singapore, revealed that most Singaporeans are deprived of sleep which do not enable them to exercise enough.


Fortunately, there are easy exercises that you can just do at home before jumpstarting your day at work or in school! These set of routines can cover a full-body work out that will help you strengthen your muscles and body every day. Moreover, you only need to squeeze five to ten minutes of your time regularly in making this sweat session work.

The 5-Minute Quick and Full Body Work-out

A five-minute workout is probably the most convenient activity you can do that gives you the most physical benefits. For this routine, you only need a mat and a space to work out on. The goal in this exercise is to tone your muscles and burn calories. Be reminded that since the time is limited, expect that this is a heart pumping exercise – but it does have some fun moves too.

Start by doing a one minute Dynamic Knee Raise good for thirty seconds in each leg. Follow a fifteen-second Heel Click that is, to stand with your feet at least two-feet apart then bend your knees like doing half squat and sit hips back while raising your arms and bending your elbows every time you jump into the air. After, proceed with

Lunge and Kick: Thirty seconds in each leg. Begin by stepping your left foot on the side while shifting your weight to your right foot by pressing your left heel. Extend your left leg and make a high kick in the air. Switch sides and repeat the movement. Next is Heel Click again, for fifteen seconds and rest period for thirty seconds. Spare the remaining two minutes for Dynamic Knee Raise and Lunge and Kick.

The 10-Minute Full Body Work-out

Start by doing a Squat Jump:  This routine targets butt, abs and legs. Position yourself by standing with two feet slightly wide then jump as high as you possibly can while tapping your heels together.  When you land, make sure your knees are in a squat position, repeat this exercise for forty-five seconds.


One-Legged Lift: Use your left leg to stand while raising your right knee on the same level of your hips. Your hands should be raised and elbows bent, remember to observe a flat back on this. Extend your right leg behind your body which is seemingly parallel to the floor. Reverse motion and continue for thirty seconds, switch sides and repeat it for another 30 seconds.

Now, it’s time to have a Push-up, face down lying on the floor and do push-ups but this time, with a twist. You need to jump your left foot and quickly stand up while observing a squat position as you place your hands beside your chest. Continue this routine for 45 seconds and alternate legs. Next is to have plank position for 45 seconds, afterwards you can have a rest period of 30 seconds.

Lateral Lunge:  Step your left foot leg on the side while bending it and keep your right leg straight at the same time. Touch the floor with your right hand in between feet and place your left hand on your left thigh. Shuffle to the right side twice, and ending a side lunge to each side. Remember to repeat the movements while pushing off right heel. Keep doing for 45 seconds and alternate sides.

The 3-Minute Lower Abs Exercise

Dead Bugs: You are going to lie on your back, arms are reaching towards the ceiling, extend one arm and leg at a time, hover up your arms and come back to the middle. Alternate and do it for 45 seconds.

Leg drops: Support your back by putting your hands behind your butt, legs start straight up to the ceiling you’re going to lower them down to the ground and bring them up as well make sure core is contracted and you’re not arching on your back. Do this routine for 45 seconds.

Alternating Toe Touches: You’re going to start from the ground, reach up alternating your legs, repeat for 45 seconds. Support your back one more time and do alternate kicks, do this for 45 seconds.


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