Sep 25

The Best Way to Take the Most Refreshing Shower in 5 Simple Steps

Taking a shower in the morning or in the evening is especially important in Singapore because of the hot climate, but there’s a good chance you’re probably taking too long or doing it wrong.

Here’s how to take the best shower that will leave you feeling refreshed in five easy steps:

1. Keep the showers short.
Staying too long in the shower can actually dry out your skin and hair, and can make any cleansers more damaging to your skin than they need to be.

This is especially true for people with really dry skin or patients who have eczema, a condition that leaves the skin red and itchy and can often accompany other symptoms such as hay fever.

2. Start at the top.
Starting from the top and working your way to the bottom allows the soap to work its way down. Ideally, you should be washing your face, chest, and back only after conditioning your hair.

If you have sensitive skin, your routine should be as follows: shampoo, conditioner, shave while the conditioner sets on your hair, and then skin cleansing.

3. Don’t wash your hair too much (or too little).
Because hair is made of dead skin cells, they don’t need to be washed too much compared to the rest of your skin. But while washing too often can cause the hair to dry out faster, not washing your hair often enough can cause scalp layers to build up.

The best way to take care of your hair depends on what kind of hair you have: thick and curly hair could definitely see the benefits from going a day or two without washing, while thinner hair that’s either straight or wavy needs to be washed more regularly.

4. Focus on the areas that get the most dirt.
Areas such as your arms and legs may not always need soap. To keep your showers quick but refreshing, focus on areas such as your underarms, groin, and feet, as these are the most likely places where sweat can accumulate.

5. Wash your face.
Arguably, the best way to wash your face is by just using mild soap and water. As for what makes “good” soap, you want a particular bar that makes a lather of small bubbles.

After washing your face and skin, you should not feel any lingering after-effects from your soap, such as the following:

• See any grayness or flaky, dried-out skin
• See any redness or irritation
• Feel tightness

If you have acne, don’t try to scrub it away as much as possible. Instead, let the soap and water do their job.

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