Feb 20

The 4 Best Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

For freelancers and people with mobile offices, co-working spaces can be heaven-sent. Even If you consider yourself a homebody, you could still get crazy from a lack of social interaction if you’re cooped up at home all day. Much like cafes, co-working spaces can provide you much needed social interaction, only they’re dedicated to making sure that you get work done. Whether you’re alone or a member of a small group, here are some good co-working spaces in Singapore that worth checking out.

1. The Working Capitol
Chances are, this is the co-working space of your dreams. This space is located in a picturesque shophouse and designed with tasteful minimalism, providing you with work desks, meeting rooms, private phone booths, as well as offices. But what sets The Working Capitol apart from all other co-working spaces is their dedication to style and comfort; a pantry stocked with goods, a beer garden, a café, as well as showers and changing rooms are available to make sure that you are working at your best. Rates begin at $53.50 per day for work spots and can be as high as $2,300 per month for teams of two to eight.

2. Trehaus Cowork
Trehaus is the first kid-friendly co-working space in Singapore, perfect for new parents who need to take care of their children but are also sick of staying at home. At Trehaus Cowork, you could bring your kids and let them play in the ‘play atelier,’ a space dedicated to keeping children occupied while parents and other adults do their work. There are also offices, meeting rooms, desks, and tables that you can use. The Trehaus Cowork costs $50 for their daily rate, while monthly rates start from $350 to $3,600 dollars.

3. Hakerspace SG
For tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs, Hackerspace SG is the co-working space for you. Bask in the almost-chaotic energy of innovation and technical exploration amidst like-minded individuals; here in Hackerspace, cardboard, computer parts, and gadgets clutter desks, all for the sake of discovery and invention. This co-working space is perfect for students and tech start-ups, with a regular monthly fee of $128, and $512 for a reserved desk. For students or those who are just starting out, you could apply for their ‘broke member’ fee which only sets you back by $64.

4. Woolf Works
Named after the famous novelist, Virginia Woolf, Woolf Works is a co-working space that caters exclusively to women. It was created by Michaela Anchan in 2014, as a work-at-home mom who craved social interaction. The rates at Woolf Works are affordable; monthly rates start from $200 and can be increased up to $600 for a permanent desk. There are also classes hosted at Woolf Works for businesswomen and interested mom-entrepreneurs. Classes include business-oriented skills such as photography or marketing, as well as lifestyle classes like parenting.

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