Jan 20

Stretch Marks: Their Causes and What You Can Do About Them

Stretch marks – they’re the bane of many a moms and weight-gainers. We cover them up and treat them as best we could. But what exactly are stretch marks?


Why Stretch Marks Occur

The elasticity of our skins have a limit. When our bodies expands rapidly, such as during pregnancy, the inner layer of the skin called the dermis develop tears to accommodate the growth. Even if we lose weight after, the stretched skin, most commonly in the hips and thighs, remain lax and the striped tears remain visible.

Most Common Causes

The most common cause of stretch marks is pregnancy, but it also commonly results from puberty, dramatic weight gain, or body-building. It may also result from the use of medications with corticosteroid and certain from certain medical conditions like Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan syndrome. Stretch marks are hereditary.

Preventing Stretch Marks


While there are no absolute methods to prevent stretch marks, they can be minimized by keeping the body hydrated to increase skin elasticity. This can be done by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizing creams on target areas. Exercising also helps as it increases the suppleness of the skin and removes toxins.

Stretch Marks Treatment

According to Dr. Frank Wang, head of a study on stretch marks at the University of Michigan, almost all treatments sold at pharmacies don’t work because they don’t reach the dermis, which is really the problem. So far, the proven effective treatment for stretch marks is laser therapy.

Living with Stretch Marks

In truth, stretch marks should be a cause of embarrassment. Women can still be beautiful even with stretch marks. In fact, if a woman’s stretch marks resulted from her giving birth, then it’s not just something she should just live with, it’s something she should be proud of.


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