Oct 26

Satisfy your Sour Cravings

Not so many people are a fan of sour dishes. Some may even wince at the mere idea of tasting something sour. Perhaps craving for it depends on the season or maybe there’s simply no explanation to it. But whatever it is, if you happen to want to have a taste of something sour right now, then do read on for recommendations to get your fix.


Sourness in a Bowl of Soup

If you’re looking for that perfect bowl of steaming, sour soup then you might like Tom Yum. This originally Thai dish is a clear soup that is both spicy and sour. What gives it its distinct, sour taste is the lime juice added to its broth. Commonly, Tom Yum has prawns in it, but other variants also use fish, chicken, pork, or beef. If you want to sample this dish, you could try the one served by A-Roy Thai Restaurant at 109 North Bridge Road, #04-06 Funan DigitaLife Mall. Here, their Tom Yum is made with beef that they allow to simmer for no less than 3 hours. And the result, of course, is a satisfying bowl of hot and sour soup that makes diners keep coming back for more.

Not Your Usual Laksa


Most Singaporeans prefer Katong laksa which is cooked with coconut milk. But if you’re craving for something different, then Asam laksa is the one for you. Usually using tamarind to create a sour broth, Asam laksa also includes shredded fish, slices of vegetables, chopped pineapples, red chillies, and vermicelli noodles. Perfect for a rainy day or for clearing out your sinuses, you could have a taste of scrumptious Asam laksa at Penang Assam Laksa, located at the Malaysian Food Street in Resorts World, Sentosa.

Something Surprising

Perhaps this one doesn’t really count as sour, but this treat is nevertheless surprising and mouth-smacking! Why? Because for a change, this isn’t one of your bowls of sour soup, this one is a refreshing drink made of Taiwanese orange peel and sour plums. For a cheap price, you get to quench your thirst with this delightful drink creatively invented by the owner of Bee Guan Coffee Shop. To get a glass of this, visit their place at Blk 91 Whampoa Market and Food Centre, Stall 01-23.


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