Apr 04

Playing it By Ear


Do you consider earphones or headphones part of your daily life? If that is the case, you should know that there are a multitude of earphones or headphones present in the market these days. There are many choices out there but if you consider the different features plus the price, you will surely find the right one.

Earphones or headphones are more than listening to music. Some people use this to represent themselves. There are specific types of earphones or headphones designed for different people. You should find the right one for you. You can make a nice choice by familiarizing yourself with the following products:



If you are a fan of Phillips, you should seek out the Fidelio L2 model. You should know that its predecessor L1 offers a smashing experience. The L2 model offers a great experience for sure. L2 model is lighter and stylish than its predecessor. It is made of aluminium materials, leather and HD audio. Its cable is durable because it is similar to the ones used by mountain hikers.

The Dash

The Dash – Smart Earphone is the first in the market. It is a wireless earphone. If you are fond of sci-fi movies, you will notice a small ear bud that is used by people to communicate. The Dash is also like that. It is a single ear bud device that can accumulate myriad of songs. It is also water resistant and it can function as a walkie-talkie.


Sony W Walkman is also a nice piece to purchase. Sony W stands out because of its stylish features. It also offers different things like water resistance and storage device. Swimmers can use these earphones when they train.


Sennheiser offers premium earphones and headphones. Sennheiser offers Momentum. Momentum was features in Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES). It is not yet in the market but pretty soon it will head right into our corridors. It boasts of audio quality and style.

Musical Fidelity

If you are the ultimate music lover, you should consider Musical Fidelity EB33. These headphones gave perfect audio quality. The best thing about Musical Fidelity is its snug fit. Your ears will be comfortable with these.

You are given many choices. You should choose the one that suit you best. You can now listen to music comfortably and fashionably. If the things mentioned above are not your type, there are myriad of choices out there. The first thing that you should do is canvass the market. You can ask your friends if you like.


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