Oct 30

Names You Should Give Your Baby

Giving name is an exciting process for soon-to-be parents out there. You should give your baby the name that you want him/her to embody in the future. The name should be powerful, graceful, brilliant, beautiful, etc. so he/she will become like it. You may think that there is no relation between the name of your baby and what he/she will become when he/she grows up but you are mistaken.


You have to believe that your child will grow according to the name that you will give him/her. Picking a name is not easy but it is not that tedious. There are many names that you can consider here in Singapore. In fact, you can just name your child anything but your baby deserves something better. If you are struggling what to give your son/daughter, here are some names that you can consider:

  • Trendy names: Greek names are famous may be because of the Olympics. If you do not want Greek names, you can consider Roman Mythologies (Gods and Goddesses). For boys, you can consider Angus, Apollo, Arthur, Damon, Finn, Griffin, Paul, Tim, Tristan, Troy and Sandy. For girls, you can consider Athena, Camilla, Clio, Gabrielle, Helena, Lilith, Rhea and Penelope.
  • Nature-inspired names: If you think that Greek or Roman names are over-rated, you can choose other names. You can consider nature-inspired names. For boys, Birch, Forrest, Ridge, Rocky and Woodson will sound find. For girls, you can name your daughter Autumn, Ivy, Willow, Sunny, Daisy and many more.


  • Family names: Naming your baby after a family member is an admirable thing. If your family has this junior tradition, naming your kid after his dad is fine but you should not feel obligated. When naming your baby, be sure that you are fair for both side of the family. One side may be hurt if you only use the name of the other.
  • Famous people: If you are inspired by a specific person, you can name your baby after him/her. The safest thing that you can do is name your baby after a famous personality. It can be your national hero, president, emperor, charismatic people and many more.

If you are not satisfied, you can look someplace else. There are a lot of resources here in Singapore that you can consider. For instance, you can go to websites that feature baby names. You can also ask other people or simply browse through the book and see what you can find.

When you give names, make sure that your children will be proud of it because it will stay with them forever. Avoid names that are too immature or childish. Furthermore, do not give names that are hard to spell and pronounce.


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