Sep 11

How to Encourage Kids to do More Reading

It is not easy to be a parent but when we get the hang of it, things will eventually make sense. As a parent, the hardest part is teaching our kids to read and instil that reading can make a difference at the end of the day. We have to think of different strategies and sometimes, it is getting tedious and hopeless.


We should never lose hope. Encouraging our kids to do more reading is possible if we are determined. Our kids might lose interest in reading or leaning in general but we should not. So, in line with that, we have to encourage them to do more reading. Here are some tips:

  • Read me a story: We have to make reading a habit by conducting  “read me a story” time. Whether we are snuggled under the covers or sitting at the couch, we have to make sure that stories are interesting. This is our way of enticing them so they will look forward to more stories and evenings.
  • Beyond books: Books are traditional but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop using it. If our kids do not like the thought of hardbound books, we have to think of other things. There are other things that we can consider beyond books. For example, we can consider comic books, magazines, ebooks and the like. Learning transcends into different forms, we have to keep that in mind.

Father and Son Reading Together

  • Keep it fun: Though we are not their classroom teachers, we have to think of things to keep them interested as though we are making their lesson plans. When we are reading, we have to keep them involve by thinking of mini activities. At the end of the story, we have to synthesize it so they will understand especially life lessons.
  • Allot time: In connection with the first tip about “read me a story”, it is important that we allot time to do it. We should not randomly do. We have to set a time so our kids will look forward to that moment. We should not squeeze it in between dance and soccer lessons; it should have its own time and slot. This is to instil to our kids that reading is an important activity that needs time and full attention.

Reading is still important here in Singapore amidst technological advances. We have to continue feeding the mind and enriching the imagination. It does not end there because in reading, we are also inspiring the spirit.

Asian girl reading book

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