Oct 10

How to Choose Fresh Vegetables

Singaporeans these days are drawn to organic foods. Companies specifically Panasonic Corp strive hard to provide every Singaporean healthy food choices.  Panasonic Corp now is more than developing television and home theatre systems. It already developed a farming technology that can help the government’s dilemma of relying heavily on food imports. In fact, Panasonic Corp started selling radish and lettuce early this August to a number of Japanese restaurants here.


Vegetables were freshly produced by Panasonic Corp’s first ever licensed indoor farming here in Singapore. The facility is nestled in a 248 square meter farm that has the capacity to produce at least 3.6 tonnes of fresh produce vegetables every year. The farm has ten types of vegetables like radish, lettuce and spinach.

You still have to wait for the massive production of fresh vegetables. For now, you can buy vegetables in supermarkets near you. How will you know it is fresh? Here are some vegetables and some of its indicators:


  • Greens: Greens include kale, lettuce, parsley, celery, broccoli, etc. should be crisp and green looking. If you notice any signs of wilting, you should not consider it. You have to inspect the vegetable and if it looks brown or pale, replace it immediately. Sellers will offer bargains for wilted vegetables. You can still use it provided that you cook it right away.
  • Root vegetables: Root vegetables include carrots, sweet potatoes and turnips. These vegetables should be heavy with smooth skin. If it is wrinkled, you should not consider it. Look for vegetables that have an attractive colour. Here’s a hint: smaller root vegetables are tastier than bigger ones.
  • Potatoes: The skin of potatoes should be smooth and without wrinkles. If you see any dirt on it, it means they are fresh. When you see any green spots, do not consider it at all. Green spots mean they have solanine which is poisonous and simply cutting the spot will not remove the poison.
  • Onions: You should onions that are hard and heavy. If you see any sprouting, it simply means the onions are old.
  • Garlic: Like onions, do not choose garlic that has sprouts. Sprouting means they are old.
  • Mushrooms: When you are looking for fresh mushrooms, you have to consider its original colour. White mushrooms should be smooth without blemishes. Also check the stems; it should be white.

Indoor farming also catches the attention of other electronic companies like Fujitsu Ltd and Sharp Corp. The coming of farming technologies can indeed help the country considering that we import 90% of our food.


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