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How Decluttering Can Improve Your Life

It has been found in a 2016 survey involving 520 Singaporeans that more than 70% still keep items they no longer use. Hoarding can be quite the issue especially if it goes out of control. Now, you can somehow say that decluttering is the counter to this, but it’s really easier said than done. Even so, if you need more convincing, here are the great benefits decluttering can bring to your life.

1. Less stress

Seeing messy surroundings actually has a serious effect on our mood. Not only that, it also subconsciously affects our mind. In simple terms, that basically means seeing clutter also produces “clutter” in our mind and leaves us stressed, sometimes unnecessarily.  It’s a very simple notion, but you’ll find that decluttering is really relaxing.

2. Decluttering can boost your productivity

When you have a clean and organized workplace, you get more things done. It’s that simple! Having too many things can negatively affect the brain’s processing of information and your overall focus. Nothing is more annoying than looking for something in a pile of papers and not getting anything done. When you declutter, try and compare how different your productivity is with a messy desk and a clean desk.

3. It’s quite the exercise

Decluttering involves a lot of physical activity, especially if you’re doing a whole room or office. Moving heavy objects and going back-and-forth all around the room, for example. Now we’re not saying that you should treat decluttering like another form of exercise like cycling, it’s just that it can help break out the sweat a bit. Not only that, you can also have a little bit of fun while cleaning with your family. You might even find some lost treasures or things you’ve forgotten you had long ago.

4. You’ll sleep better

Surely, you’ve had the experience of going home after a tiring day at work only to find that your house is a mess. You try to go to bed but you just got have to clean the place up. Sometimes you even just leave the place like that. A cluttered home that’s stressing you out will only make it harder for you to settle down in bed and get better sleep.

5. You’ll have fewer things to worry about

For one, you will do less cleaning. Having less clutter basically means less cleaning. You also won’t have to worry about looking for the TV remote, your keys, your favorite shirts, and a lot more once you’ve decluttered and organized your place. Don’t forget that you can also declutter your phone. Get rid of apps, messages, or emails that may otherwise cause distract you or cause worry.

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