Aug 21

Having Fun with Singapore Beaches: Essential Things that Should Be Brought on a Beach Trip

Basically, Singapore is known to have a warm climate and because of that many tourists go to the country even if summer doesn’t hit yet. In fact, there are many beaches in the archipelago that is exciting and worth visiting.


Sometimes, we tend to get excited which most of the time result to a terrible vacation. Planning for a family beach vacation is sometimes annoying, having a list is very necessary to avoid awful scenarios to happen. Even if we know our destination, we still cannot predict what will happen. So, it is best to prepare all the important things that is needed for the trip. This includes:

  • Gallons of Purified Water – Even if there’s potable water in the place, you also need bring your own to assure that your water is safe to drink.
  • Sunscreens – Since we all know that it is really hot in the country, having a suitable sunscreen must be on you list. Most of the time, we are not aware of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) level of the sunscreens and this is one reason why many of us still acquires sunburn after a long exposure of the body to the sun. Thus, selecting the exact SPF level for the skin is important.


  • Whistle – This is among the best things that should be brought during family beach vacations especially when you are with toddlers. Many kids are strayed because of the crowded resorts but when they have whistles with them, finding them is easier.
  • First aid kit – This is one thing that should always be remembered and should always be on the list. As mentioned, you cannot predict when accidents would come.


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