Mar 14

Getting Familiar with Parental Control Software

The internet is a friend to all. This means that as long as you have the means (smartphones, tablets and personal computers) and there is internet, you can surf all you want. You can find everything from soil to utensils there. It is indeed vast and very helpful – only if it is used in good intention. But as time goes by, the proliferation of internet exposes our vulnerability especially to the younger generations.


Children are exposed to social media and it is not purely good news. They can get the idea of everything there from alcohol to drugs. It is therefore important that as parents, while they are young, you restrict their access to the internet. In fact, there are parents who do not buy their kids smartphones or tablets until they know or oriented of the responsibilities that lay with it.

The good news is that smartphones or tablets have this “Parental Control Software”. The electronic companies designed smartphones or tablets with software that can restrict the children’s access to internet. Until they know how to behave appropriately, they should be monitored and checked. But before setting the restriction, parents should discuss it with the child first. This is to build sense of trust.

Here’s a few “Parental Control Software” that you can consider:


  • Android: Google limits its features on devices operating under Android 4.3 and higher. With Android, you can now filter “Play Store”. You can restrict apps and only show those that are appropriate for your kids (including in-app purchases). If you want to avail of some service that can set time restrictions and limits as well as block some apps then get reports after, you can avail of ScreenTime.


  • Apple iOS: This includes iPod Touch and iPhone. For Apple users, you can set restrictions. You just have to go to “Settings” then tap “General” and look for “Restrictions”. It is crucial that you “Enable Restrictions”. Try to tap it and then you will be prompted to enter your “Restrictions Passcode”. After that, you can choose which apps to allow; you can even turn off “Installing Apps” and “In-App Purchases”.


  • Multiple Operating Systems: There are different operating systems that you can avail to help you protect your kids. There’s Norton Family that offers Parental Control Software for numerous devices. If not, you can also consider Intel Security Safe Family that can block or grant access depending on age then there is time limit.

You have to make sure that everything your children learn is useful. You have to fortify their cybersafety.



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