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Cheap Wedding Reception

Being practical is not a sin. In fact, given the present economic status, it is best if you are practical and you want to maximize cost. It is not easy to earn money. But it does not mean that you postpone or cancel the wedding. You can still have a wedding but a cheap one. Even if you have a cheap wedding, everyone can still have fun. You do not need lots of money to be married. It can be as simple as it can be. You can begin with:

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You should base your reception on your theme. If you are really looking for cheap receptions here in Singapore, you should consider beach or garden weddings. Beach or garden weddings are romantic and spacious. If it is really your desire to host a wedding banquet in Singapore you can do so. Look for three star hotels. Three start hotels are not that bad. In fact, when you consider wedding hotel banquet, three star hotels can be quite competitive.

Food and drinks

If you considered wedding hotel banquet, you should choose dishes. In a wedding hotel banquet, you can go for less (three course meals) or more (five to ten course meals) depending on your preference but since you are saving, the former () will do. You see, wedding hotel banquet is still possible. For the drinks, you can choose from the list of concoction.


You can handmade your decors or you can purchase readymade materials. Hiring someone for their decorating skills is expensive. You can research in the internet for wedding decors and employ it. As said earlier, you can handmade it as long as it is easy. You can also purchase readymade materials and just paste it wherever you like. Decors together with flowers can give life and colour to the celebration.


Photography and videography

If you want to hire for the services of professional photographers and videographers, you have to pay depending on their rate. But if you know a friend who is good in photography and videography, you can ask for discounts. Documenting your special day is important. This should be considered.

Cake and flowers

Weddings are not complete with cake and flowers. If you know a bakeshop that offers cheap cakes, you should pursue it. If you know a friend who is skilled enough to arrange flowers, you should call her attention and ask for a discount.

Wedding gown

Wedding gown is the central piece of your wedding. Looking for cheap gowns is possible. You can rent a gown. You can simply alter or modify the gown to fit you.

Keep this in mind: a simple wedding can be equally fun and satisfying like an elaborate one. You just need ideas to make it work. Do not worry about your visitors because they will understand if you chose a simple wedding. It is not like you cannot afford it. You are just preparing for the new life ahead. Building and raising a family is costly and what better way to start preparing for it that weddings?

Singapore has a strong economy but do not be too negligent about it. Yes you deserve the dream waiting you’ve been waiting your whole life but it would be more practical to save it for the future family.


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