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   Feb 04

The Characteristics of a Good Locksmith

Some people think lowly of locksmiths. They think that locksmithing is quite an easy job and can be done by just anyone. But on the contrary, locksmithing is a profession that requires knowledge, skills, patience, and a whole lot more of characteristics. To be a good locksmith in Singapore, one has to possess an in-depth […]

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   Jan 05

The Importance of Exports

Let it be known that NODX (Non Oil Domestic Exports) increased here in the month of October 2013 compared to the previous month. According to the IE (International Enterprise) Singapore, 2.8% was noted in October which was higher than the 1.2% in September. The increase was attributed to non electronic shipments made by Malaysia, China […]

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   Oct 10

What You Need to Know About Stem Cells

We give importance to science and research because we believe that they are crucial in our development as a nation. There is a new discovery led by Singaporean scientists. This discovery will not only benefit Singapore for it will include the whole world. There are a few Singaporean scientists who discovered a new RNA (Ribonucleic […]

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   Oct 05

Boosting Singapore’s Economic Growth

Good news for Singaporeans, Singapore is picking up its speed. A 3.7% increase in the economic growth is noted in the second quarter this year. This is better after two years of slowness. The increase is attributed to the unpredicted rise in industries like manufacturing and service sector. It is said that iShares MSCI ETF […]

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   Sep 20

Just Engaged? Begin Your Planning Now!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you are ready to settle down but not just yet. You need to think of the wedding first before building the family or settling down. There are people that underestimate Singapore weddings. For them, Singapore weddings are easy and simple to arrange. While that may be true, Singapore weddings should […]

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   Jul 25

Hello Kitty Frenzy

McDonald’s Singapore hit the jackpot when they launched the six limited edition Hello Kitty characters. Hello Kitty is dressed in six outfits portraying the popular Germany fairy tale-The Singing Bone. The last character was released last Thursday, June 27, 2013. The last release was anticipated by all Hello Kitty fans out there. Hundreds had begun […]

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   Jul 20

Where to See Priceless Masterpieces

Museums here in Singapore are over abundant when it comes to art masterpieces. Art masterpieces are showcased to educate the public and of course to bring out appreciation. If you are a patron of the arts, there are many museums that you can wander and marvel over. Here’s a list of the finest museums here […]

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   Jul 17

Where to Learn the Craft

Craft refers to an activity that involves skill in terms of making things with the use of hands or simple tools. Craft-making is a pastime or a profession. If in this case you consider craft as a pastime, here are some places or workshops that you can enrol at: Build-A-Bear Workshop The studio is located […]

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   Jul 14

Singapore to Promote Energy Management for Industries

There’s great news for environmentalists and eco-lovers: Singapore has begun to implement the Energy Conservation Act, which states that companies that consume large amounts of energy are mandated to manage their consumption, provide details of their operations, and submit energy efficiency plans every year to the National Environment Authority. Large energy consumers/sectors include manufacturing, electricity […]

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