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   Mar 14

Getting Familiar with Parental Control Software

The internet is a friend to all. This means that as long as you have the means (smartphones, tablets and personal computers) and there is internet, you can surf all you want. You can find everything from soil to utensils there. It is indeed vast and very helpful – only if it is used in […]

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   Jul 22

Why do large Businesses need to have PABX System?

Many people do not know what does the acronym PABX mean. This acronym stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It is a certain term for a telephone system. This is commonly used as an internal telephone system in businesses. The Private Automatic Branch Exchange is also referred to as PBX by some other people. Most […]

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   Feb 15

Before Signing Up for a VoIP Service

If you’re an individual with little idea about the technicalities of internet telephony, then looking for a quality VoIP Singapore service provider could be seriously challenging. Many people get into trouble after signing a voice over IP contract with a provider. In many cases it is because the client wasn’t able to fully discuss his […]

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   May 11

The World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet

We spend hours every day on the road. We hope and pray that nothing will be amiss when we travel. When it comes to road safety, road users depend on safety precautions like seatbelt and helmet. Road safety is very important here in Singapore. Good thing many Singaporeans are disciplined enough to follow strict implementation […]

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   Jan 26

Microsoft to Release Affordable Windows Phones

For people who prefer Windows over Android smartphones but are waiting for more affordable phone models, the wait is finally over. Microsoft publicly announced on January 14 that they will be releasing two new smartphone models that are more affordable compared to the current flagship Microsoft phones. The aim of releasing these budget Windows phones […]

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   Apr 04

Playing it By Ear

Do you consider earphones or headphones part of your daily life? If that is the case, you should know that there are a multitude of earphones or headphones present in the market these days. There are many choices out there but if you consider the different features plus the price, you will surely find the […]

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   Dec 05

Outsourcing IT Services: Reasons, Risks, Rewards

Company owners have now the choice whether to hire full time or outsource employees. But outsourcing seems to have the most obvious benefits according to Singapore experts from numerous Singapore-based industries.  This could be the answer to reducing costs from different business divisions, especially from the IT department where hiring professionals could get quite costly. […]

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   Aug 09

Types of Accounting Software

In order for a business to work, financial activities and records should be well-kept and monitored at all times. And for this to be done, a company needs to install an accounting software application in their system. This software comes in different levels of complexity, ranging in price from free up to $200 or more […]

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