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   Jul 26

How Can Self-Distraction be a Mood-Booster?

In an hour, you are about to make the most important client presentation, this business deal can make or break your promotion. Instead of reviewing your report, all you can think of is “What if I make a mistake and I suddenly think blankly?” but if someone is there beside you that you can talk […]

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   Mar 22

The Many Benefits of Reading Regularly

You may be part of the population who detests reading. We get it, sometimes reading can be really demanding and exhausting – but picking up the habit of reading every day contributes a lot to your overall well-being and state of mind. Think of it this way: whatever regular exercise does to the muscles, reading […]

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   Jun 04

6 Secrets to Improving Your Memory

If you feel that you’re experiencing memory gaps way too early, it’s probably because you’re overworking your brain. When you start noticing that you’re being forgetful, it’s time to hit the brakes and look into these seven techniques on how you can help your brain work at its best cognitive performance. 1. Eat Well. A […]

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   Nov 21

A Guide to Dealing with Social Anxiety

Ever heard of stage fright? Well, this type of fear is not only unique in speaking or performing in front of a big group of people. This fear can also manifest itself in small social interactions. These are simple examples of social anxiety. Social anxiety, simply put is the fear of being judged negatively in […]

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   Nov 17

Are You A People Pleaser?

Are you one of those people that can never seem to turn down a favor or a request of another, thinking that by helping them they would like you better? Are you willing to give up things that are important to you in order to make other people happy? Is it highly important to you […]

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