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   Sep 25

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Essential Oils for Healing and For Leisure

Essential oils have been around and used for all kinds of purposes for a long time, but while the means to extract them from plants have changed (which resulted in better concentrations with a higher purity), how they are used is still the same. In fact, the only difference is that today, there are now […]

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   Sep 13

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Still Single in Your 30s

Many modern women would agree that the 30s is the best years of their lives. It is the time when they have finally figured out what they want and have all the things they need to get it (e.g. stable job, decent income). If you are looking for your one, true love, don’t be shy. […]

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   Apr 14

5 Lawn Caring Tips This Summer

Whether it’s having barbecue with friends, family get-togethers, or just a random rumble on the grass with your kids, the lawn is definitely the best place to enjoy some good food and good company during summer time. So, start jotting down these tips to prepare and keep your lawn in its top shape even in […]

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   Oct 23

Pet-Ownership is More than Just Responsibility

Amidst the existing responsibilities we already have in our busy lives, why would we even consider adding one by taking care of a pet? Well, owning a pet isn’t only about responsibility. When you look at the greater picture, having a pet is actually beneficial. In fact, the main advantage of having a pet is […]

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   Aug 21

Having Fun with Singapore Beaches: Essential Things that Should Be Brought on a Beach Trip

Basically, Singapore is known to have a warm climate and because of that many tourists go to the country even if summer doesn’t hit yet. In fact, there are many beaches in the archipelago that is exciting and worth visiting. Sometimes, we tend to get excited which most of the time result to a terrible […]

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   Aug 10

Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace

All of us our created differently, it is our protocol to appreciate each other for who we are and what we do. It is for a fact that our dissimilarity with one another is always present whatever and whenever we are, but it is absolutely more challenging if we have to work together. Diversity in […]

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   Aug 07

Grounds for You to Conduct a Possibility Study

If you want a new career Before resigning to a current job, ask yourself first, if there is a possibility that this new career of yours will give you the same wages and benefits that your current job is giving you? Or ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk for a new […]

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