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   Mar 20

Advantages of Having a Boyfriend

It’s true that it’s not all rosy and fun being in a relationship and having someone to call as your boyfriend. They said men came from Mars while women came from Venus which explains how we are wired to think, feel, and react differently. Having a boyfriend can mean having someone to care for, worry […]

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   Mar 16

Advantages of Being Single

There are plenty of reasons to stay single but we don’t really get to think about them. Most of the times we focus on what we don’t have and, in this case, not having someone to say I Love You to or not having someone to exchange special gifts with on special occasions. This can […]

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   Feb 22

He’s Just Too Into You: The Tell-tale Signs

When it comes to dating, it is every girl’s dream that this hot, funny and thoughtful guy she’s dating with will sweep her off her feet: You know, the dude who will come up with romantic surprises, call every now and then to check on her and above all, give his undivided time and attention. […]

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