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   Oct 22

9 Foods That Help Boost Your Brain

Do you know that it’s not just our muscles and our bones that need sustenance? Our brains do too, and very much so in order for us to perform with optimum cognition. To keep your brain in peak condition, make sure to have these in your diet. 1. Fish. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition […]

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   Oct 10

How to Choose Fresh Vegetables

Singaporeans these days are drawn to organic foods. Companies specifically Panasonic Corp strive hard to provide every Singaporean healthy food choices.  Panasonic Corp now is more than developing television and home theatre systems. It already developed a farming technology that can help the government’s dilemma of relying heavily on food imports. In fact, Panasonic Corp […]

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   Oct 01

Dieting the Right Way

An increasing number of Singaporeans are undertaking healthy lifestyle. When you hear healthy lifestyle, it speaks of right food, adequate exercise and positive attitude. If you want to live healthy, you should first think about the food that you eat. Whether you are hungry or you are just craving for something, you eat three to […]

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