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   Jun 27

The Different Kinds and Types of Paintbrushes and How They Are Used

The paintbrush is one of the artist’s most important tools in getting paint from the palette to the canvas. However, while they might look the same at first glance, there are many different types designed for different applications. Knowing the right kind of paintbrush to use for your project will allow you to apply the […]

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   May 30

Dos and Don’ts in Oil Painting

When you have finally decided to try oil painting, you need to remember important pointers to make your learning process easier. Oil painting can be a difficult medium, but the experience and the finished product are worth all the trouble. Dos in Oil Painting • Learn all the basics. You might want to review your […]

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   Sep 18

Art on Budget – Tips on Buying Affordable Art

Many young professionals in Singapore consider buying art to decorate their homes or to offer as a gift to a friend. However, most of them believe that purchasing an art piece is expensive and requires a certain level of intellectuality in order to raise relevant inquiries and start a conversation with the painting seller. Luckily, […]

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