Jul 15

Bust the Bogus Beauty

5 Tricks in Spotting Counterfeit Beauty Products
While there are some relatively good finds and deals on some online sites, there’s no denying that counterfeit or fake goods are also prevalent in such sites. The same is also true with beauty products. With a vast and crowded digital market, you can no longer guarantee the integrity of the product you’re buying. So keep yourself protected by following these tricks in spotting those bogus beauty finds.


1.       Check on the Product’s Price. A good way to avoid being a victim of such products is to steer clear from beauty products that are sold for just a fraction of its original price. Also, if the site is declaring that there’s an abundance in stock, then it’s a positive sign that they might be selling counterfeit products.

2.       Watch Out for Web Glitches. Experiencing some trouble logging in on the retail website is another warning sign that you may dealing with a scam site. Try logging out and back again if your first try won’t work to ensure that the site isn’t being hacked. Also, ensure that the website address of the online shop you’re dealing with starts with ‘https’ to ensure that you’re going through a secured payment process.

3.       Review the Product’s Return Policy. One good sign that you’re dealing with a fraudulent seller is the absence the return policy of his/her products. This kind of seller won’t give you a chance to return the item once you’ve purchased it. Ensure that the online seller you’re dealing with has a return policy so that you can get refunded when you see or experience some problems with the product.


4.       Look for the Expiration Date. Another way to avoid falling victim to these scams is to check on the product’s expiration date. Products sold in bulk at convenience stores are often left sitting on a truck until they expire, then they’ll be sold at a discounted rate. Another trick is to check on the batch code. If you can’t seem to find the product’s batch code, then don’t hesitate to withdraw your transaction with the seller.

5.       Double Check on the Brand’s Official Site. This would be a smart move, especially that you’re buying a product online. Most brands have retail information available on their site and this will help you ensure that the products sold at a particular retail outlet has been authorized by the brand.

Blindly ordering beauty products online is what will cause you to fall for such online scams. Practise these tricks, be a proactive shopper and you won’t question the quality of your beauty products ever again.


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