Oct 05

Boosting Singapore’s Economic Growth

Good news for Singaporeans, Singapore is picking up its speed. A 3.7% increase in the economic growth is noted in the second quarter this year. This is better after two years of slowness. The increase is attributed to the unpredicted rise in industries like manufacturing and service sector. It is said that iShares MSCI ETF is one way of investing here in Singapore. iShares is administered by BlackRock. You should know that every iShares find follows a stock market index, in this case, the Singaporean Stock Exchange. By far, iShares is the major issuer of ETFs globally.


This ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) follows some of Singapore’s main business sectors (including Singapore Telecommunications, United Overseas Bank Ltd, DBS Group Holdings Ltd, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, Keppel Corp Ltd, Genting Singapore PLC, Global Logistic Properties L, Capitaland Ltd, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd and Singapore Exchange Ltd), by means of equities for the Singaporean Stock Exchange. Furthermore, this specialized funds look for investment results that match the price and the MSCI Singaporean Index. As of September 11, 2013, the total net assets of iShares is MSCI ETF is $1,169,743,513.

If you want to know the sector breakdown, you should know that the majority percentage of funds are heavily laid on financials garnering about 52.85% followed by industrials 19.88%, telecommunications 12.85%, consumer discretionary 8.74%, consumer staples 5.02%, S-T securities 0.07% and other/unidentified 0.59%. The ascend of Singapore’s stock market is an opportunity. If you are looking for an investments, you should consider this prospect.

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