Aug 20

Best Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

It’s that time of the year again where minor ailments like coughs, stuffed nose and sore throats strike. Most of the time, these ailments leave us feeling inconvenient and less than our best, but they aren’t serious reasons enough to justify snuggling under the covers and taking a leave at work. Taking cough syrup, or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, surely is the best way to soothe your colds, but if you’re open to try out some natural remedies first, then here are some of the good choices worth giving a shot.


1.       Liquorice Root. Even if you’re sore throat is just a minor ailment, it can still be painful enough to interfere with your good night’s sleep. Luckily, you can use liquorice root to soothe the pain and irritation you’re currently feeling. This natural remedy has long been used to cure sore throats, or any of its symptoms. All you’ve got to do is mix it with water to create a solution and gargle it to treat your sore throat.

2.       Honey. Either mixed with tea or taken up straight, honey has long been hailed as an effective home remedy for sore throat. In fact, a study even found that honey was more effective in taming night-time coughs than any cough suppressants. Certainly one of the simplest and sweetest way to treat your sore throat.


3.       Salt Water. This is perhaps the natural remedy that our mother always recommends. But guess what? Your mom is actually right at suggesting this treatment for you. Gargling warm salt water actually aids in killing bacteria in the throat, and in soothing its painful sensation. To create your own salt water solution, simply mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use it as a temporary substitute for your usual gargle solution.

4.       Peppermint. Want to have fresh breath and comfortable throat at the same time? Then consider using peppermint oil to relieve your sore throat. Peppermint contains menthol that helps in thinning the mucus and calming any form of cough. Other than that, peppermint also contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that encourages sore throat healing. A cool and simple way to treat your sore throat problem.

Aside from using any of these natural remedies, treating a sore throat also requires for you to drink lots of fluids and get a good rest. By doing all of this, you’ll be able to get better quickly and save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office.


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