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Before Signing Up for a VoIP Service

If you’re an individual with little idea about the technicalities of internet telephony, then looking for a quality VoIP Singapore service provider could be seriously challenging. Many people get into trouble after signing a voice over IP contract with a provider. In many cases it is because the client wasn’t able to fully discuss his terms, or he has overlooked some important matters and only realized it after the deal was closed. In order to avoid such situations, one should consider the following before sealing the deal with a VoIP service provider.


1. All About the Cost
If you’re attracted to a price displayed on an advertisement, make sure to double check. Keep in mind that most providers hide the real costs behind attractive advertisements. When inquiring about the promotion, ask everything in detail. You should ask questions like:

• Is the required equipment included in the price quote?
• Do I need to rent or buy the phone?
• Will the VoIP setup need more hardware/software than what you’ll provide?
• What are the international and local rates? Do local rates differ for every region?
• Is the technology based on PBX or VOIP?

2. Technical Support
Sooner or later, there will come a time when you will need the support of the Singapore ip pbx telephone number experts for your line subscription. For this, you need to make sure that there are professionals nearby – electronically or physically – to assist you with the technical issues. Local service would be better if maintenance is a top priority. Try exploring your local options before considering services from outside Singapore.


3. Compatibility with PSTN Phones
If you’re planning to integrate a VoIP system to your organization, find out whether the system is compatible with your existing phone sets. Modern analog phones can be used on voice over IP services as effectively as IP Phones, but not PBX phones. However, this depends on the type of plan. Subscribing to a service that allows usage of existing telephone sets, instead of purchasing new IP Phones, which cost more than a hundred dollar, can save you lots of money. Inquire first whether it’s possible to use existing phone sets with a VoIP Singapore service.

4. Mobility Features
Though you don’t need mobility now, you might need it later, most especially if you’re deploying a VoIP service in your company. Inquire about mobile applications and remote connectivity. This is especially helpful in contacting employees, co-workers, or your family. Again, do not forget to ask the cost associated with this feature.

5. Emergency Service Calls
Being able to reach emergency hotlines through VoIP is among the issues discussed greatly by Singapore service providers and consumers. The possibility of making emergency calls is an important matter that people must consider. So whether or not it’s your top priority, talk about that with your provider.

Though there are many things you need to clarify with a VoIP Singapore provider, the items we’ve listed above are the most important ones. Always remember that the price should never be the only factor to consider before sealing the deal with your VoIP provider. The features must be given more importance than the cost of the service deployment.


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