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Art on Budget – Tips on Buying Affordable Art

Many young professionals in Singapore consider buying art to decorate their homes or to offer as a gift to a friend. However, most of them believe that purchasing an art piece is expensive and requires a certain level of intellectuality in order to raise relevant inquiries and start a conversation with the painting seller. Luckily, time has changed, and quality art pieces are now more accessible than ever. There are many ways that can get your hands on an oil painting that are neither expensive nor boring mass reproductions. If you’re starting to think about this idea and thinking about buying some pieces, consider these essential tips before making your first art purchase.


Don’t Buy Something That’s Not Your Taste
You should not buy anything that you don’t like. Even if you’re not an art-savvy person and find a world-famous painting unattractive, there’s no need to force yourself and spend your entire budget for a piece that doesn’t appeal to you, you can consider affordable art from vinci gallery in Singapore to fulfill your art needs. Though you may not have the eye for sophisticated artworks, you know how to spot a stylish piece that fits well to the purpose of your purchase.
Figure out what you like or what style of art you enjoy the most. Do you like contemporary art or paintings of nature? Do you have a favorite artist or any artist will do as long as it serves the right style you want?

Visit Places and Attend Local Art Events
Visit a number of Singapore art galleries and museums, and consider the many styles of art in each place. You don’t have to buy an artwork right away on your first visit. Use the visitations as a learning experience to widen your knowledge about contemporary and abstract art.

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Also, take advantage of the variety of art fairs and festivals happening in the country. Every art gallery surely has something affordable to offer for their avid patrons. Find out the venues and dates of upcoming art festivals and get a chance to chat with a few art enthusiasts from your locality.

Consider the Area Where to Hang the Artwork
Are you buying an art piece to decorate a blank wall of your home? Do you think you have a place for a large canvas? What about the lighting and the temperature of the room? Will it damage your art piece? Keep in mind that some art pieces, such as photographs and lithographs, can get damaged over time with too much sunlight.

Check Out Online Art Galleries
For replicas or any affordable oil painting alternative, you don’t really have to see each artwork in person in order to appreciate them. Shopping for affordable art can be done in a few clicks from the convenience of your own home. If you have an art gallery in mind, find out if they have online site where you can browse their oil painting collection. A number of museums and galleries in the country have their own websites to accommodate buyers from different parts of the world. Take advantage of this feature and start looking for your affordable art in the most convenient way possible.


There you have it. Now, there’s no excuse not to cultivate that inner art fanatic in you. With these tips, you’re sure to find affordable, yet exquisite, paintings that your walls (and wallet) will thank you for.

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