Nov 17

Are You A People Pleaser?

Are you one of those people that can never seem to turn down a favor or a request of another, thinking that by helping them they would like you better? Are you willing to give up things that are important to you in order to make other people happy? Is it highly important to you that you please everyone? If your answer to all the questions is yes, then you can be called a people pleaser.


Being a people pleaser is not necessarily a bad thing. It offers its own advantages but it can also be inconvenient especially for the people doing all the pleasing. How can you make sure you are a people pleaser? Here are some signs:

  • Lying about your opinions.

This is one of the most apparent sign that point to you being a people pleaser. You lie about your opinions and ideas in order to fit other people’s preferences. You are afraid that if you tell them truthfully how you see or think about certain things, you might upset them. So in order to make them happy, you lie and fabricate.


  • You always say yes and never say no.

You help other people and accept favors even if you have your hands full. You fear that if you say no, they will be offended.

  • Taking the important people for granted.

Instead of focusing your attention to the people most important to you, you tend to take them for granted in order to make others happy. You know that they’ll stick by you no matter what so you tend to give them lesser attention.


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