Mar 20

Advantages of Having a Boyfriend

It’s true that it’s not all rosy and fun being in a relationship and having someone to call as your boyfriend. They said men came from Mars while women came from Venus which explains how we are wired to think, feel, and react differently. Having a boyfriend can mean having someone to care for, worry about, think about, and even a reason to break our hearts. We fight and sometimes go on a cool off period. But at the end of the day, most Singaporean women would still choose to have a boyfriend than none at all.


These are some of the advantages of having a boyfriend:

Having someone to share the bill with

Having a boyfriend means having plenty of reasons to go out on dates. You may even have a list of restaurants you want to try together. Usually it’s the men who pay for the bill whenever you’re out but this is still up to you. This is no longer a rule among couples. So having someone to share the bill with can be advantageous as compared to having to pay for a bill alone when you really wanted to eat out, anyway. This way, you both get to save money and even have some extra for your next date.

Having someone to remind you how attractive you are

Some girls are guilty of no longer beautifying themselves as much as they did when they were still single and searching. That may be because having a boyfriend means you are constantly assured of just how lovely you are. He’s seen you when you just woke up and still admires you. He’s seen you when you were sick and still admires you. He’s seen you at your worst state and still thinks you’re beautiful.


Having someone to comfort you when you’re down

Sure you have friends you can talk to and confide your problems with. But there are also times when your friends are busy at work or having their own problems to deal with. This is when having a boyfriend is really advantageous – as long as he’s understanding and knows how to listen. There’s always that extra shoulder you can lean on whenever things are just not working great for you. You don’t have to be alone.

Having someone to goof around with

Having a boyfriend is fun when he’s someone you can be your real self with and you know he still loves you just the way you are. Having someone to goof around with makes you feel sane and assure you you’re not the weirdest person on earth. Plus, these goofy memories may be the best moments shared with your boyfriend.

Having someone to help you in the house

Not all women are trained in household chores. Most men nowadays are also better cooks than women. Having a boyfriend is great especially when he knows how to cook up delicious meals and doesn’t hesitate on helping you do your chores in the house. This kind of boyfriend is a husband material.


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