Nov 05

A Break Up is Just a Wake Up Call

Most of the time, people cry for many reasons. It can be because they have financial problems or maybe they have been hurt by someone they really love. Furthermore, they cry because someone just passed away. Nevertheless, it should not be a problem because these problems do have solution.


Yes, we all know that there’s no thing, person or perhaps a place to eliminate the emotional pain that a person is going through whenever they are hurt. The truth is, only time can heal it. However, it is not as fast as you could imagine. In fact, it take years to overcome to a particular heartache. It might also take months especially when you are really keen to do it.


You can easily forget if you listen to your friends’ advice. Sometimes, we tend to disagree to a friendly advice when in fact it is the greatest answer to the problem. Actually, it is your right to disobey what they say because you are in control to yourself and you know what the best thing to do is during a break-up.

At times, you might be giving a person another chance to love you again but the thing here is to keep yourself protected at all times and guarantee to yourself that you will not be hurt again. If the person you’ve given the chance broke his promise to not hurt you again, then it’s really done. Second chance is enough. Therefore, you must learn from it.


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