Sep 25

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Essential Oils for Healing and For Leisure

Essential oils have been around and used for all kinds of purposes for a long time, but while the means to extract them from plants have changed (which resulted in better concentrations with a higher purity), how they are used is still the same.

In fact, the only difference is that today, there are now even more ways that you can use essential oils to get both the fragrance and health benefits you need.

There are also a lot of ways you can use essential oils, whether it’s for your bath, as a chest rub, a compress, diffuser, massage, or even applied directly.

Bath Oils
Adding oils to your bath is a great way to unwind after having quite the busy day, and doing that is really simple with a box of simple Epsom bath salts before adding your very own essential oils into the mix.

To fully enjoy the experience, allow yourself to get used to warmer bath water temperatures by building a slightly hotter bath each time over the course of a week. With a scented hot bath completed with lighted candles, you can be sure to carve out the best of your “me”-time.

Essential oils can be quite volatile, meaning that they can evaporate quickly and break down at a molecular level when exposed to heat. This makes candle-burning unnecessary, and using an electronic diffuser to do the job is more effective and more versatile.

All you need to do is plug in the diffuser anywhere without the need to watch the flame carefully or have an open window at home or in your office, and you can fully transform your room or office into a more refreshing and relaxing environment.

Direct Inhalation
Sometimes, you can also choose to simply forgo everything and just enjoy your essential oils straight out of the bottle. All you need to do is open your bottle and place a drop or two on a tissue before taking a slow, deep breath of the fragrance.

When doing this, be sure to pay attention to your breath and keep it relaxed as you inhale and exhale.

What You Need to Know About Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy has been used for a long time, and with the right methods, there’s no need for you to shell out too much of your budget just to get its benefits – with the number of ways you can use it, all you need is the right amount of oil.

You should also keep in mind that more doesn’t always mean better with essential oils because they are highly concentrated extracts of the plant oil. For instance, one drop of peppermint oil is just as strong as twenty-eight cups of peppermint tea.

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