Oct 22

9 Foods That Help Boost Your Brain

Do you know that it’s not just our muscles and our bones that need sustenance? Our brains do too, and very much so in order for us to perform with optimum cognition. To keep your brain in peak condition, make sure to have these in your diet.

1. Fish. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study showing that diet with ample amount of fish could lower your chances of getting dementia by 20%. (And of course, fish is also good for the heart.)

2. Yoghurt. Along with other fermented dairy products, this food contains Lactobacilus acidophilus, which are the good bacteria in our gut improve our immune system. With less energy being used to boost immunity, there’s more for the brain to use.

3. Broccoli. This vegetable contains choline, a substance that’s been found to enhance memory, as well as vitamin K, which optimizes our cognitive functions. Broccoli can also help ward off depression due to the folic acid it also contains.

4. Veggy and protein combo. A “power meal” that’s good for the brain as well as the body has two vegetables in decent amounts and about four ounces of meat (hummus can be a substitute).

5. Oatmeal. Trying to beat the Singapore morning rush hour by skipping breakfast? Don’t. Even if you’re in a hurry, you can still squeeze five minutes to eat a bowl of oatmeal, which has enough energy to sustain your brain until noontime.

6. Berries dipped in chocolate. This is a delicious snack that is also good for the brain. In one study published in Neurology, cocoa was shown to improve memory and blood flow in the brain, while berries contain tannins, a substance that protects brain cells.

7. Water. Keeping yourself well hydrated is essential in recalling information and maintaining focus. Is it true that you should drink 8 glasses a day? Not necessarily. Just check your urine: once it’s become clear, that means your body already has enough H2O.

8. Avocadoes. This fruit contains unsaturated fats (or “good fats”) that improve the flexibility of cell membranes in our brains, as well as provide protection to surrounding nerve cells. Like fish, avocadoes also have the added benefit of being good for the heart.

9. Trail mix. It’s already proven that going on nature hikes improves cognition and the body’s overall state. Make that activity even better by munching on trail mix full of nuts, which gives your brain a steady source of energy, allowing it optimal function for a longer time.

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