Aug 28

6 Tips to Wearing White When It’s Hot Outside

When it’s hot and humid outside, the last thing you want to wear are dark-colored clothes. To keep your cool under the sun, wear something white—a white shirt, dress or an all-white outfit from head to toe.

However, not all of us are confident to wear whites because it can be high-maintenance—not to mention the potential see-through factor and highlights of areas of the body you wish to hide.

For when you just can’t bother wearing anything colored under the scorching temperature, here’s how you to wear your cool and clean white outfit.

1. Wear whites in heavy fabrics
Does the potential see-through scenario make you feel scared to wear anything white? If so, make sure to wear items with underlining or are made of thicker fabrics like denim.

2. Mix and match different textures
For an interesting look, try to pair different types of textures, but make sure that the shades of white match well. There are many shades of white, like eggshell, cream, frost and linen, and they do not always look good together.

3. Accessorize tastefully
If you want to sport a monochromatic look, pick metallic, neutral or nude accessories. If you wish to add interest to your all-white outfit, wear statement pieces in fun colors.

4. Wear the right fit
Remember that whites can accentuate certain parts of the body. Therefore, it pays to get the right size and fitting of clothing when you opt to have it in white.

5. But avoid wearing whites in weddings
White may look clean, elegant and chic, but wearing white to a wedding wouldn’t give a good impression to people. Nobody should wear an all-white ensemble to a wedding except the bride. Doing so will give the impression that you are trying to upstage the star of the occasion.

6. Always have an emergency kit ready
To ensure you’re all-white attire stays white and clean all day, keep an emergency kit with you that contains a pack of wet wipes, baby powder and a stain-remover stick. Whenever, wherever you may encounter stain, you know you have something to remedy the stain.

White may be plain and boring, but it’s a great colour to wear for all types of occasions—well, except for weddings unless you’re the bride. White exudes sophistication, catches attention and encourages sensibility and optimism when done right.

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