Feb 06

6 Exercise Ways to Get Flatter Stomach

The waistline is everybody’s top priority and most self-conscious about. Here are 10 simple ways to lose belly fat and achieve smaller waist line without depriving yourself of the treats.

  1. Go to Bed Early

Tucking yourself to bed a little earlier does not only help you avoid late night snacking, it also helps with your body’s metabolism. Missing out on a full night’s sleep can cause slower metabolism. So, if you want to boost your body’s calorie-burning capabilities, get a complete seven hours or more of sleep.

  • Perfect Your Posture

Straightening up your body posture can instantly make you look better. When you practice good body posture, you are automatically engaging your core muscles. To keep you reminded at work to sit straight or stand tall, a few sticky notes on your desk can do the trick.

  • Drink More Water

Always stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the day. being dehydrated can lead to premature hunger, causing unhealthy cravings and more frequent snacking. If you think you’re feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water to see if the hunger goes away. If it does, you’re just thirsty; but if it doesn’t, that’s the time you need something to munch on.

  • Load Up with Powerful Breakfast

Other that your usual cereal mix, use a low-fat milk to amp up a nutritious breakfast. Loading up with calcium can help control your body weight. Plus, nutrients and minerals found in dairy good—potassium, magnesium and calcium—help counterbalance the bloating effects caused by sodium.

  • Reward Your Sugar Cravings “Mindfully”

It’s okay to give in to your cravings sometimes. Depriving yourself of sweet treats or any treat that you love can only lead to overeating when you get the chance to reunite with it. How often the treat should be? Try by using it as a reward whenever you reach short-term fitness goals. No fast food for a week? Reward yourself with a small bar of chocolate. Lost 10 pounds in one month? Get yourself a slice of your favorite cheesecake.

  • Set a Fruit Bowl on Your Countertop

Fruits such as apples, oranges, berries and cherries are rich in quercetin, a compound that helps reduce stomach inflammation. And if you make healthy snacks easily accessible at home or in the office, you are more likely to reach for it whenever you feel hungry. Other than snacking on it, make sweet treats out of fruits, such as having mixed berries smoothies for breakfast and mango or avocado slices on your chicken salad for lunch.

If you hate breaking a sweat in the gym or you’re just not fond of jogging, you can still trim down your waistline with mindful and healthier eating habits. So, give these tips a fair shot!

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