Sep 23

5 Tips to Increase Your Motivation to Lose Weight

Starting the path to weight loss is actually easy since your motivation to lose weight is high and you’re pretty much determined that, this time, you’re going to reach your weight goal. But then, you start sliding back to your old habits and your weight loss motivation starts to drop. Still, there’s no need to feel down. We’ve got you completely covered. Here, we’ve rounded up five tips on how you can increase your weight loss motivation and reach the weight goal you’ve always wanted.


1.       Create a Visual Goal. One good way to help you boost your weight loss motivation is by creating a visual goal. Create a collage of pictures that perfectly represent your weight loss goals and place it somewhere you can easily it. Remember that more often you see your goal, the more you desire to achieve it. With this, your motivation will be unbreakable and your drive to lose weight will be unstoppable.

2.       Celebrate the Process of Losing Weight. One of the major reasons why your motivation slacks after a week of performing your weight loss regimen is because you fail to recognize the little achievements that you made along the way. Stop doing this now. Instead, make it a habit to honour yourself for every achievement you’ve made, no matter how small or big that change is. Doing so will instantly increase your motivation and renew your energy to achieve more accomplishments along the way.

3.       Lose the Weighing Scale. Almost all of us have an emotional relationship with our weighing scale because instead of using it to only measure our weight, we use it to also measure our self-worth. Some of the good alternatives to measure your fat loss is by doing a caliper test or taking measurements at various points in your body (like your biceps, chest, hips, thighs and waist) and monitor these points monthly. Both options will give you a more accurate result while keeping you off the motivational roller coaster ride that most weighing scales create.


4.       Surround Yourself With Inspirational Media. Whether you listen to motivational podcasts or curl up with an uplifting book, surrounding yourself with enriching thoughts is another way to boost your motivation and help you achieve your goal. In fact, it doesn’t have to be just about weight loss, it can actually be anything that motivates you and makes you want to reach new levels. So do yourself a favour, and keep these things around you to ensure that your inner spark keeps on burning.

5.       Come Up With a ‘Why’ List. Another way to boost your motivation is to list down the reasons why you want to lose weight. So if you want to motivate yourself throughout the entire process, you have to fully understand your reasons. The more knowledgeable you are with your reasons to reach your goal, the better. So keep this list with you at all times to help you increase your motivation when you can’t seem to motivate yourself.

Keep the following tips in mind so that you can stay enthusiastic during the entire process. Not only will these tips increase your motivation, it’ll also help in decreasing your weight. Definitely the trade-off that you want to get.


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