Sep 13

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Still Single in Your 30s

Many modern women would agree that the 30s is the best years of their lives. It is the time when they have finally figured out what they want and have all the things they need to get it (e.g. stable job, decent income).

If you are looking for your one, true love, don’t be shy. Just make sure you’re ready for it. And if you’re not, take a moment to pause and think what’s hindering you from completely putting yourself out there.

1. You’re not over your ex.
Breakups are terrible and painful, but it should not stop you from getting to know other people. Sometimes, comparing everyone to your former lover makes it harder to find a good relationship. Stop idealizing your ex and comparing him to every man you meet. It will only make it harder for you to find love.

2. You’re playing games.
Although it’s true that a little mystery won’t harm, it is also important t be completely honest from the beginning of the relationship. Avoid purposely making a man jealous just because you want to his reaction or taking time to reply because it took him long to message you back. If something is bothering or annoying you, be direct about it.

3. You fear intimacy and commitment
You fear of having to always consider the other person and having to sacrifice what you really for a relationship to work. Although you have the tendency to romanticize the idea of getting married and having a happy family, you often skip the things that come along with flourishing a relationship, such as trusting other people, working together as a team, being together through thick and thin and compromise, compromise, compromise.

4. You don’t go out as much.
If you’re looking someone to have for the rest of your life, you have to be proactive about it. It’s impossible to find a potential boyfriend if you are always in the comfort of your home, re-watching your favourite series. Go out and have fun! Go bar hopping with friends, meet new people and be as approachable as you can be. It is about showing people that you are ready to mingle with them.

5. You limit your type.
We all have our own idea of ideal partner, but that does not mean you have to turn down every one who doesn’t fit the bill. Remember: a person may not have your ideals, but you get to break the pattern of being in the same type of relationship if you break the pattern of dating the same type of person.

Searching for love is not an easy quest, especially during the 30s when we’ve been through so many ups and downs of life. However, do not let your bad experiences dictate your romantic future. Put yourself out there and try to see what’s in store for you.

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