Apr 18

5 Expert Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are actually quite similar with first dates: The hours to get ready and all the awkward small talks where both of you figure out if you’re compatible. Although an HR manager is not a dating expert, he surely have interviewed, if not thousands, hundreds of people already. So, here are the five sure-fire tips that will land you your dream job, coming straight from the office of an HR manager.


1.       Practice Your Answers. Before hitting your turn to be interviewed, think about your possible answers to some of the basic interview questions. Prepare some good answers for questions related with your skills, experience and working style. Practice your answers out loud, or ask a friend to do a role-play interview as you wait for your turn to be interviewed.

2.       Research on Company and Position Details. Another important thing to do before going for a job interview is to research about the position you’re applying for, as well as the history of the company you’re going to work with. It would also be a plus, if you read any recent news related with the company.

3.       Observe Proper Dress Code. Since you’ve already done some research, you should already be aware of the company’s culture as well as their standard dress code. After knowing it, dress a notch higher than what’s expected and see how this scores you extra points in the hiring card.


4.       Arrive On Time. A good way to avoid being late on your interview is to have your route planned ahead of time. While arriving a few minutes early is ideal, avoid going overboard though. Arriving an hour earlier than your scheduled time will only show that you’ve got nothing more important to do than just sit and wait in the reception area.

5.       Answer Questions Directly and Honestly. If you’ve practised your answers several times already, then there’s no reason for you to struggle so much in this part. Ensure that you’ll be able to answer each question directly and provide good examples where possible. Making constant eye contacts and keeping your body language open is also important during the actual interview.

Finding a job is difficult enough, even without going through harrowing interviews. But by following the aforementioned job interview tips, you’ll surely be able to nail your interview stress-free.

Job Interview with Smiles

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