Jul 26

4 Ways for You to Become an Effective Communicator

Obviously, because we are social beings, communication will always be a part of our daily lives. Even so, there are still many people who cannot communicate effectively in different settings and situations. One can be extremely good at livening up the mood during leisure time but won’t be able to present a business proposal successfully. Fortunately for everyone, there are always ways to improve!

1.  Listen well

A lot of people nowadays like to talk and talk and go on about anything without listening to what others have to say. This can be unhealthy for relationships and may even add stress whether you’re at home or at work. Listening well is important for effective communication clearly because you get to know what other people think instead of rambling about your own thoughts and plans. This means that the conversation is not one-sided and the other person does not have to feel overwhelmed.

2.  Be prepared

Whether you’re going to make a business presentation, do a speech or have an interview, you obviously have to be well-prepared. You’ll never be able to arrange all your thoughts and have them connect to your main idea on the fly. To be able to communicate effectively, you need to think of the things that you have to say well before you even say them. Then arrange your points accordingly so as to make your whole presentation smooth and understandable. Being prepared not only helps you organize everything ahead of time but also makes you more confident in the things you are saying.

3.  Use your body language

In small meetings or conversations, it should be a good idea to pay more attention to how everyone communicates nonverbally. Many Singaporeans tend to nod a lot too, that can be one thing to consider. You’ll know that a person is either listening to you attentively or maybe it’s just something he normally does. Another example is if you keep your arms crossed when talking to someone. Usually, this can give off an “uninterested” or “defensive” vibe from you. By using and identifying body language, you’ll be able to adjust the things you’re saying to improve the interaction.

4.  Remember to make eye contact

Even in our simple, day to day interactions, we always make eye contact. This basically shows that we are paying attention to what’s being said in front of us. Can you imagine if you were on a date and the other person keeps looking elsewhere? At the same time, we, as the ones who speak should also remember to hold eye contact. You are able to communicate the message to your audience if you look them in the eye, not when you’re looking at the floor!

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