Dec 14

4 Easy Tips to Follow for Repairing Your Backpack

Backpacks and rucksacks are an essential part of any frequent traveler’s life, and it can be quite difficult to finally see this part finally succumb to the wear and tear that can be brought about by frequent traveling.

However, when you don’t have access to your tailor,you need to be able to make these emergency repairs on your own. These repairscan significantly extend the life of your backpack when you do them right – andhere is how you can fix your bag with these easy tips:

1. Start by cleaning the area of the backpack that needs to be repaired.

Whether it’s a hole at the bottom, by the seams, or the zipper itself needs to be fixed, start by cleaning out any lint with a damp piece of cloth. Preferably, you want to clean out the whole bag and allowing it to fully dry before you start sewing the holes or replacing the zipper.   

2. Use the back stitch to fix up any holes.

While some people would simply use a running stitch to fix the holes, they will often be met by a re-appearing hole and a long piece of dangling thread. Use the back stitch to avoid this problem.

The back stitch is the strongest stitch that you can do on your own without the aid of a sewing machine. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.

Ideally, you want to place a piece of cloth over the tearfirst before sewing it shut, especially if the tear happens to be by the seamor next to the zipper. This will give you additional support and reinforce theweakened areas once you sew the tear closed.

3. Keep the new zipper closed when attaching it to your backpack.

The reason for this is because zippers can be especially difficult to pin down during sewing. By having your zipper closed, you will be able to work with it much easier as you sew it to your backpack.  

Be sure to start by sewing the zipper to one side, andonly proceed to sew the other side to the other once the first side has beenfirmly sewn in place.

4. You should be extra careful when sewing the straps back in place.

The backpack’s straps are the ones that take in the weight – and nothing is worse than having one or both of them finally snapping from the strain.

When sewing them back to you backpack, be sure to take into account how you will sew the straps, as sewing them back in weakly could cause the thread to snap from the weight if it hasn’t been secured tightly enough.

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