Dec 14

4 Crucial Tips on How to Choose a Quality Travel Bag

As wonderful as travelling can be, the stress that comes with it can take its toll once you get to the nitty-gritty of it. Part of this stress can be caused by a travel bag that doesn’t suit exactly what you need for when you travel.  

Choosing the right travel bag is a wise investmentthat will make travelling so much easier on both you as well as your belongings– and here are five crucial tips when it comes to making a good investment foryour future travels:

1. Consider the size of the luggage. This is perhaps the most importantfactor when it comes to choosing the right travel bag. Ideally, the size shouldbe limited to how much you can carry at a time, especially when you don’t haveanyone to help you move. 

Color is also a factor that you need to keep in mind. While a bright-colored duffel bag or suitcase may not be your style, there is nothing more irritating than missing your luggage on the carousel because you didn’t see it right away the first time.

2. Decide on what carry-ons and rolling luggage you plan on buying. Wherever you travel, chances are that you will have to carry at least two bags – one for carry-on and one for check-in. The former will most likely either be a duffel bag or a backpack, while the latter will almost certainly be a rolling luggage bag or a suitcase.

Backpacks are excellent for carry-on as they aredesigned to contain and support the baggage while at the same time freeing upyour hands, and this makes them indispensable for travelers. In some cases, theright travel backpack can even be a substitute for a suitcase or a luggage bag.

3. Go for travel bags that are easily expandable and have lots of compartments. Bag interiors are only really important when you need to shop for travel bags, as this allows you to separate the different things in your baggage that could easily be lost when jumbled together.

For instance, having a compartment that allows you toseparate your toiletries from your clothes is something that you should lookfor in every travel bag that you plan on buying. Other things that could alsoget tangled or lost, which are mostly small objects, extension cords, and phoneand laptop chargers, should all get their own separate compartments.

4. Choose bags with lockable zippers.

You can never be too secure in your belongings, and nothing says “your luggage is secure” quite like having a compartment with two zippers that you can place a lock over to keep them from being opened.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

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