Dec 08

3 Lunchtime Habits That Causes Afternoon Slump

Nothing is more frustrating, especially when trying to beat a deadline, than an afternoon slump. You are busy as a bee the entire morning, and then in a snap, the hardworking bee in you has disappeared, and all you want to do is just to take a long nap.


 For some, this instance happens regularly. Usually, around three o’clock in the afternoon (or sometimes even two o’clock), you feel drained and in dire need of a snack and a large cup of coffee. This is normal, though. Your body has natural rhythms and a lot of people tend to feel sleepy at around three in the afternoon. A glass of cold water or a quick trip to the bathroom should be enough to awaken your system.

However, if these tricks doesn’t work on you, it could be because of the lunch you had a few hours ago. If this lunchtime habits sound familiar to you, you may want to do a little rehab to your midday meals to help make your afternoon more productive.

1.       Your green salad has no protein

If you often have salad for lunch, make sure to have some protein in it. Sometimes, take-out salads do not include protein in favour of some extra veggies and carb toppings like croutons.  Protein is highly important ingredient in a salad as this gives you a kick of energy, which helps overcome afternoon slump. Incorporating some protein into your greens can be as simple as throwing in some salmon fillets or a few slices of grilled chicken breast.

2.       You always eat out instead of packing your own lunch


There’s nothing wrong with eating out, but it can easily lead to eating large portion sizes, which is a major culprit of afternoon slack. Instead of dropping by a steakhouse or indulging in a bowl of curry, pack a healthy lunch in the morning before leaving home for work. With home-made lunches, you can be in control of the portion size and the ingredients of your food.

3.       You take more refined carbohydrates

According to experts, the type of carbs you eat contributes to the afternoon slump you’re feeling. Refined carbohydrates, such as breads, rice and white pastas, don’t have much protein or fiber, which are good sources of energy and keep you feeling full. If you had refined carbs for your lunch, this likely increases the sugar level in your blood, which will then be followed by a sharp drop, causing you to feel tired and grouchy.

You can put a halt to regular afternoon slump. Despite what people think, it’s not a part of growing old. You can control how your body works and feels by nourishing it with the right food throughout the day.


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