Jul 20

Where to See Priceless Masterpieces

Museums here in Singapore are over abundant when it comes to art masterpieces. Art masterpieces are showcased to educate the public and of course to bring out appreciation. If you are a patron of the arts, there are many museums that you can wander and marvel over. Here’s a list of the finest museums here in Singapore:



8Q SAM (Singapore Art Museum) is located in 8 Queen Street. They are open from 10am to 7pm daily. Admission for adults is S$10, S$5 for students and S$5 for senior citizens. Admission is free for children aged 6 years below, PR seniors, Singaporeans, students, teachers and NSFs. For more information, you can call them at (+65) 6322-3222.

The Arts House

The Arts House is located in 1 Old Parliament Lane. It is considered as the oldest existing government building; it is now an arts centre which provides theatre, performances and other visual arts. They are open from Monday-Friday (10am to 8pm) and Saturday (11am to 8pm). Admission is free except for events requiring tickets. For more information, you can call them at (+65) 6332-6900.

Tan Swie Hian Museum

Tan Swie Hian Museum is located in Sims Avenue. It is a private art museum that houses Tan Swie Hian’s creations. The admission is free. They are open from Monday to Friday but only through appointment. For appointment setting and other inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6744-0716.

Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum is located in Red Dot Traffic Building. The museum features everything about contemporary architecture and design. They are open from Monday, Tuesday and Friday (11am to 6pm) and Weekends (11am to 8pm). Admission fee for adults is S$8 and S$4 for students, children and seniors. For more information, you can call them at (+65) 6534-7194.

There are museums that host private shows (which are privately funded) to showcase personal collections. Whatever reason you have for considering museums, you should make it a point to enjoy the art and of course appreciate it.

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