Oct 19

What You Should Do to Have Long Life

In the past, many people die because of their very old age. But today, a lot people die because of the hazards that this planet has. These hazardous things shorten the life span of a person. In fact, it has no effect or can help in lengthening the life span of a human being.


While having a long life is based on genetics, the following things here, can help improve the life span of a person. Here are some:

  • Do not smoke – Whatever happen, do not smoke. We all know the reason why we need to avoid taking tobacco and we also know the effects of using it. Therefore, do not ever try smoking. If you have started smoking, exert effort to end it.

stop smoking

  • Use Your Brain Well – Instead of sitting and watching television, do something that will make your brain work like answering crossword puzzles and reading articles wherein you can learn new things.
  • Have a Physical Exercise – Indeed, old person easily get tired when doing exercise. However, it is very important to practice because it can increase the possibility of having a long life.
  • Be Attentive – Even if you are old, you still need other people to maintain your daily activity. Always remember that the more you get yourself busy, the more you will reach a 3-digit age. Also, through this, there is a big possibility that the immune system will be more active making you look and feel younger.


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