Nov 20

Wedding Photography Production

Wedding photography is the art of capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and strong, candid emotions during weddings. With the coming of cameras, all things can now be captured from the smallest living thing to the fastest and from the highest point to the deepest one. Camera or photography in general allows us to relive and revisit memories.

Memories in our heads tend to fade but photographs will not if you properly take care of it. Camera is a complex thing that uses different technology to capture something. Because of the technology, photographs are now used for military or police surveillance. Who would think that such a simple device can create a huge impact in the development of humanity?


To give you a clearer picture of photography, you should know about the type of production. Types of production include:


Amateur photographers practice photography not to earn but to enjoy. Taking photos has become a hobby for many people these days. If you want to get better, you should practice more and if you are good at it, perhaps you can try wedding photography. Capturing wedding photographs is an experience of a lifetime. If your friend commissioned you to do their wedding photography, be thankful for the opportunity and be good at it. If you are good, who knows it can become your profession and be listed as a perfect photographer in singapore and you can profit it at the end of the day.

If you are an amateur photographer, there are many things to learn but if you are serious about it, you can become a professional sooner than you think. There are many workshops and schools here in Singapore that you can go to.


Commercial photography refers to a photography that is paid. Money is paid for the subject or the photograph. Examples of commercial photography include advertising, fashion, still life, photography, portrait, wedding photography, paparazzi, pet, landscape, wildlife, pet and more. Photography attracts people. More money are given to Magazines, Newspapers, Advertising agencies and Websites just to entice people to buy or avail of their products or services.



In the 20th century, photographs are accepted in galleries. There are patrons who pay for photographs though there are still issues whether to consider photography an art. By the 1970s, taking pictures has become a staple in weddings, one of the most celebrated and special moments of our lives.

Forensic science

Camera or photography is proven helpful when it comes to recording phenomena. In Forensic science, cameras are used in the recording or preserving of crime scenes; technically it is called Forensic photography.

There are many contentions about photography. The law is also involved. Photography is restricted for some places and instances. The protection of the photography is attained by permitting the photographer to take pictures or they call it granting of copyright. Generally, photography is beneficial in the society but of course, it should be used responsibly.

If you are really interested in wedding photography, you should first secure your camera. There are affordable cameras here in Singapore; there are expensive too. Regardless of what you choose, you should make it a point to do your best to portray or convey the image or message you want to show. Do not worry because people will gladly welcome and appreciate it.

Go and take the shot of your life.

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