Feb 08

Tips for Mixing and Matching Patterns for Your Home Decor

Mixing patterns in a space is a great way to add interest and depth to your home. However, there are a few things to follow if your want to avoid an uncoordinated look in your home. As you go through these tips, remember that colours and patterns do not need to ‘match’ each other, they just need to look good together.


1.       Get the Scales Right

Avoid using two large-scale together as it will only compete with each other. Use different sizes and shapes when mixing and matching patterns. Generally, you want a mix of small-, medium- and large-sized patterns. This helps move the focus around the space. Choose one major print, and then pick small-scale prints to coordinate with the focal point (think of smaller dots and stripes). These small-scale prints will act as accents to the major pattern.

2.       Balance the Impact With Solids

Went a little over-the-top with patterns? No need to worry. Pull back a little with solid colours that match the patterns to add bits of ‘visual calmness’ into the space. For example, if it is a large-scale geometric print with taupe, gray, navy and tangerine hues, pick accents in one or two of these colours and scatter them around the space.

3.       Start on Smaller Spots

Clueless about where to start? Start with throw pillows or a rug. A patterned window treatment is also a great way to make a space look polished. Go for patterned curtains for a more romantic look or solid roman shades for a more tailored look. We also recommend using wallpaper on smaller rooms, like powder room, in solid print or going for patterned tiles.


4.       Large on Large, Small on Small

When choosing an object to put the patterns, consider the size of the item. Large patterns work best on larger items, such as window treatments, carpet flooring and walls, as it has space large enough to accommodate the intensity of the pattern. A medium-scale pattern is better suited to furnishings and small-scale patterns on accent pieces.

5.       Mimic a Favourite Pattern

If you like polka dots and gingham stripes, try to mix and match these patterns in decorative textiles. Your bedroom is a great space to try this decor style. Accent pillows, beddings, lampshades and window treatments can have varying scales of these prints. Use solid colours for the bed sheet, matching throw pillows and a small-scale patterned area rug to balance your favourite patterns.

These tips will, hopefully, get you started to master your decorating skills. Just keep in mind to keep colour and scale in mind, regardless of the method you take to mixing and matching patterns.


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