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Tips for Choosing the Right Surgeon for an Aesthetic Treatment

It is a human nature to desire to be beautiful. In most cases, an attractive appearance corresponds to a positive self-esteem. It makes people feel good about themselves and they become more favored by others. This is the reason why aesthetic clinics have become popular in Singapore and all over the world.


However, the journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves must be taken with great care. Our safety should not be compromised solely for the purpose of looking better. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking any surgical aesthetic treatment, it’s very important that you choose the right surgeon. The following are the important points to remember when looking for a professional aesthetic clinic expert.

Expertise and Experience

When choosing a surgeon or an aesthetic clinic where you’ll have your procedure in, look for one with a reputation for delivering quality results. Check the background and evaluate the qualifications of your options. You can mostly find them in their respective websites and find out new information like Astique provides painless coolsculpting in Singapore if you are considering to reduce your fat, but you can also get crucial information from directory or review websites. Take special note of their “before and after” photographs to judge the success of their treatments.


It’s also necessary to know whether an aesthetic surgeon is licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Whether he or she works in a renowned aesthetic clinic Singapore or operates in private and using only other hospital’s operating room, knowing that their facility has been accredited by relevant governing bodies in Singapore guarantees that they work with certain standards. Any reputable surgeon should be capable and ready to assure you with the precautions they have taken in their practice.

Assistant Check

In addition to knowing your primary surgeon, also try to check up on your surgeon’s assistants who will be present on your surgical treatment. In some procedures, especially those that involve surgery, professionals work in teams to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. A surgeon’s support team typically includes an anaesthetist, a staff of nurses, and a manned recovery room along with technicians.


Tested Methods

There are always technological advancements and new procedures coming out in the market, which, in most cases, carries more risks than advantages. Do not undergo any treatment method that is still in its trial stages, especially if you only need the procedure for a minor correction. If you opt to take a treatment that is relatively new, still check that it has been thoroughly tested and that you are fully aware of its possible complications. Choose a proven option with set results over new ones with just promises.

Customer Service

Throughout the process of beautifying yourself, make sure that you’re treated and served well. Some of those signs are obvious a few minutes after you have walked into a surgeon’s office. Notice how staffs treat you the moment you enter the office. Are they helpful and friendly? Do they address your needs right away? Do they clearly explain clearly the realities of the surgery and the recovery? If you can answer these questions positively, then that’s a good sign that you’re in good hands.

Aesthetic Sensibility

We all have different perspective of beauty—what one person finds beautiful may be unappealing to another. This is why it’s important to find a cosmetic surgeon that has aesthetic sensibility same as yours or at least you can relate to. For this, you can’t just rely to a friend’s recommendation or depend solely on the surgeon’s experience. Examine carefully photos of results for each surgeon you come across with.

Choosing the right aesthetic surgeon for your plastic surgery is dependent on various factors. Apart from living with possibly lifetime regrets, not working with a reputable and professional doctor might end up incurring more expenses or worse further complications from the procedure. To make sure you’re getting the best and the safest services, do research and keep these important tips in mind.

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